Useless Box with Arduino

A useless machine that flips down a switch. Turns itself off, with 15 different movement effects.
I saw it on the internet and I decided to make one myself.
I had a lot of fun building and playing.

I published the code on . Is the old code you can find easily, with some minor improvements that worked for me. Thanks a lot to the one who wrote it, this guy really knows FUN.
Here are few drawings I made. Even tho the construction is completely customizable, I post them for the ones interested, because I couldn’t find anything similar to start with.

The electric diagram is also a bit adapted to my preferences. I opted out for USB power (phone charger or power bank) instead of batteries, thru a diode to 5V pin. This prevents the servomotors to be powered when the board is plugged in to computer USB for programming, because the current draw would be too high.


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