Arduino based antenna rotator – Part2

An Arduino controller for home-made or commercial antenna rotators. Displays on LCD the target and antenna azimuth and elevation, reads target position and outputs antenna position on USB, manual command of the antenna by two rotary encoders. Precision of tracking 1 degree.

Orbitron DDE Azimuth Elevation To Serial

Arduino code


PART3 – Tracking software update


  1. I Viorel great job !
    I built the controller and charge the code and it’s working fine, I have just one doubt,
    if the azimut pass from 0° to 359° or from 359° to 0° there is the immediatly change of rotation and the motor and all the system are very stressed and i have an over current on the driver .
    May be is better to implement on the code a lock that not permit at the rotator pass through the 0° but come back to 360°, we losts time, but prevet an overcurrent that can damage the motor driver.


    PS I try to write this comment on arduino hub but, I don’t not why I can’t upload

    1. Hi Stefano.
      Congratulations for your rotator.
      I’m very glad this project worked for you.
      As for the 359-0° pass, you are absolutely right. It happened to me too, but since I had a very light (wooden😄) antenna, it didn’t seem too important then. I guess I have to write a soft start (code) for this particular case.
      All the best.

  2. Ok Viorel
    I will wait your new code with soft start, but for now I will use only on manual mode, because with serial mode with my antennas i have some problem if some satellite pass from 0° to 359°

    thanks again
    73′ de Iw6nxr

  3. Hello Viorel
    I set up the project, only the elevation is not achieved, on the push buton pins the resistor and a pull ap or when triggering it sends 5 volts via 10k resistor, the orbitron is sending it to the arduino, however the elevation does not work, the potentiometers do not work connected to the orbitron, and in the arrow above, only 4 dashes appear, I am grateful if you can help me.

  4. Hello Viorel,

    I used WXtrack and it worked, that’s when I discovered the update in WXtrack that was 5 seconds away, in the orbitron as I had changed to 1 second it doesn’t work, because it locks the reading pots,
    so i left it in the orbitron every 5 seconds and it worked, in 1 second it overloads the readings of the arduino.

    1. That’s actually a very valuable information. Thank you very much, I will keep that in mind.
      Perhaps, on a future version, I will prevent the Arduino overload, by reading the computer command every 4-5 seconds.

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