Antenna construction cross Yagi, VHF band, 6 elements, 2 meters long, circular polarization, 9dB gain

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Calculate the extra length of coax feeding the other dipole for circular polarisation

VHF antenna design, 6 elements, 2 meters long, 9dB gain

UHF antenna design, 2 meters long, 12 elements, 12dB gain

Be aware of the cable loss!!!
I used this Antenna (Vector-Network) Analyser to measure the cable loss…

Here you see the loss of a 15m long, RG58 (50Ω, Ø4mm, ordinary) cable.
The loss is considerable in VHF – 5dB, and enormous in UHF – more than 9dB.
-9dB means that only 10% of your power is passing thru.
Almost the entire antenna gain is lost over the cable.
So a high quality, thick, expensive cable is mandatory, especially in UHF. RG58 is to be used for short connections, of less than 3 meters.

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