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After finishing high school in 1992, I wanted to become a military pilot. Anticipating a successful fail at physical exam (eye glasses, teeth filling), I chose the second best thing. Radars.
I’ve never regretted one second.

Radar officer since 1996
Electronics and telecommunications engineer since 2000
Licensed HAM since 2014

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Când am terminat liceul în 1992, am vrut sa ma fac pilot militar. Anticipând o respingere de succes la testul fizic (ochelari, plombe), am ales al doilea cel mai bun lucru. Radiolocația.

Nu am regretat nicio secunda.

Ofițer de radiolocație din 1996
Inginer de electronică și telecomunicații din 2000
Radioamator licențiat din 2014

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My first ISS reception (145.800 MHz FM) 11.feb.2015, Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

ISS transmission (143.625 MHz FM) 07.sep.2016, Russian cosmonaut during EVA


One of the best weather satellite receptions (two passes composite)
NOAA 19 at ‎08.oct.‎2016, ‏‎13:56:49 UTC