Antenna construction cross Yagi, VHF band, 6 elements, 2 meters long, circular polarization, 9dB gain

Useful links: Notes on 6-Element Wide-Band 2-Meter Yagis Antenna Circular Polarization Yagi Uda Antenna Calculator Coaxial Power

ARDUINO BASED ANTENNA ROTATOR – PART3 – Software tracking update

This version is compatible with EASYCOMM2 antenna protocol. After getting in touch with PstRotator (tracking software) developer, he kindly gave

How to build a cheap simple Radio Base with a (Baofeng) handheld transceiver and a SDR dongle

I encourage everyone to make a small, basic, simple and cheap radio shack. It’s a excellent start for future development,

ISS astronaut Chris Cassidy school interview, 30Jul2020, American School Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I inserted few minutes of recording from the ARISS YouTube Channel at the beginning of the transmission, since I didn’t