How to build a cheap simple Radio Base with a (Baofeng) handheld transceiver and a SDR dongle

I encourage everyone to make a small, basic, simple and cheap radio shack. It’s a excellent start for future development,

ISS astronaut Chris Cassidy school interview, 30Jul2020, American School Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I inserted few minutes of recording from the ARISS YouTube Channel at the beginning of the transmission, since I didn’t

ISS astronaut Chris Cassidy school interview, 16Jun2020, Instituto “Pedro de Valdivia” Spain

 I used some minutes of recording from ARISS YouTube Channel, to make it more comprehensible. I also inserted the

Baofeng UV-5RA+ portable transceiver – Volume potentiometer repair

This 5W portable from Baofeng (China) has been setting the internet on fire for years, and has fans and haters

VOX circuit for radio transceivers

VOX (voice activated transmission) activates the station’s transmission (press PTT) when it detects sound (modulation signal) at the microphone or