How to add external antenna to any wireless device

If you have a wireless device and it doesn’t always perform like it should, it connects sporadically or not at all, then perhaps its little internal antenna doesn’t make it.

You can add a bigger, powerful and serious external antenna.
So all you need is an antenna and an extension cable. And a little skill.

If you have an antenna you recovered from an old router or something like that, that’s good. Or you can buy a new one. These wireless antennas usually use SMA connectors. It’s always a good idea to recover RF cables and connectors from scrapped devices, but the downside is that in time you’ll end up with a pile of junk, like I do. The upside is that you can easily start a new project and it doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It’s a matter of hobby and passion.

Check the PCB for the internal antenna. You must cut the trace to it and solder the coaxial extension. The center wire. The shield goes to ground.
Be aware that this is generally irreversible and if it doesn’t work, your WiFi will be dead.

It usually works, and your device will connect faster and will function more reliably.
Or it will just work, when previously, it didn’t.

This technique is particularly useful if your WiFi device is enclosed in a metallic box.

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