ARISS Celebrating 20 Years of Continuous Operations on ISS

Right now is ongoing a SSTV event from the International Space Station, celebrating 20 Years of ARISS Continuous Operations on ISS, ending on 31 december, 18:15 GMT.
So if you haven’t done it yet, hurry up and tune in 145.800 MHz FM, SSTV mode PD120.
There are still 2 days left to receive at least one picture from space, and pick up your diploma.

ARISS was established in 1996 as the successor to SAREX (Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment on the USA Shuttles) existing since 1983. Activities onboard the International Space Station (ISS) by the space agencies: NASA, Roscosmos, ESA, JAXA, and CSA as well as AMSAT and organizations affiliated to the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) from the countries participating in the program, began in 2000. The first test of amateur radio contacts using the HAM station on the ISS with ground stations from Russia and the United States, took place 20 years ago on November 13. In the following days, there were other communication tests, while the first successful contact of ARISS with the school took place on December 21, 2000. After that more than 1300 school ARISS contact over the World were performed using callsigns: RS0ISS, NA1SS, OR4ISS, IR0ISS, DP0ISS, FX0ISS, GB1SS, FX0STD, HL0ARISS, IZ0JPA, AB55IK, 9W2MUS, PY0AEB.
Presently after 20 years of continuous operations, ARISS volunteers carry out many amateur radio experiments: radio voice repeaters, Digital APRS repeaters, amateur radio satellites, SSTV images, ARISS activity awards, and direct audio and digital video contacts with the ISS crew. It offers students the chance to have an exciting experience – a face-to-face conversation via amateur radio with the crew members onboard the International Space Station. It activates young people’s interest in STEAM and motivates them to learn.

1. You can view other’s receptions here
2. Upload your pictures here
3. Get your diploma here
This is the ARISS calendar for scheduled ISS events. You can even sync it with Google calendar, like I did, and you will never miss a transmission again.

Here are my achievements this season:

Of course, as usual, some images came in multiple times, some barely made it.

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