ISS Packet / Voice Repeater Radio Once Again Operational

The ARISS Columbus Radio is back on-the-air!  This, after it was rendered non-operational following a January 27 EVA (spacewalk) which was conducted to install a cable for the Bartolomeo commercial platform.  During the January 27 spacewalk, the Bartolomeo HMU-601 cable, described in the March 10 ARISS Press conference (, was installed in series with the ARISS antenna cable (HMU-895).

As part of a spacewalk conducted March 13, Astronaut Michael Hopkins removed the HMU-601 cable from the APCU J02 connector and reinstalled the ARISS antenna cable (HMU-895) connector back into the APCU J02 connector.  This returned the ARISS system back to its pre-January 27 configuration.

The astronauts turned on the ARISS radio system in Columbus.  It was placed in PM3, or Packet Mode.  PM3 employs a downlink frequency of 145.825 MHz.  Shortly after radio startup, APRS signals were heard in California, Utah, and Idaho as the ISS passed along the USA West Coast.  With confirmation from additional stations in South America and the Middle East, the ARISS team has declared the radio system again operational.

The ARISS International Team thanks to all that helped ARISS work through the cable anomaly investigation, troubleshooting and ultimate repair.  Special shout-outs go to the ISS crew, the operations and engineering teams at NASA, ESA and Airbus, and ARISS-Russia leader, Sergey Samburov RV3DR, whose quick actions allowed ARISS to maintain school contact operations via the ARISS Service Module radio system.

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