Arduino Big Font Weather Clock (int/ext temp, hum, press)

This is a Big Character Clock that I made using an Arduino UNO, featuring interior/exterior weather information (temperature, humidity, pressure).

It uses a RTC DS3231, two BME280 sensors, a photo-resistor for screen auto brightness and a parallel 20×4 LCD. The initial time setting is done with a rotary encoder. The advantage of using a Real Time Clock, is that it keeps measuring the time even if the power is disconnected, and then, when the power returns, it’s right there where it should be, and you don’t have to set it again.

The electric diagram

The code is here

The components (no sponsored links)
-DS3231 real time clock – 1.02$
-20×4 LCD – 2.78$
-BME280 – 2.14$ x 2
-photo-resistor – 0.6$ – 10pcs.
-arduino NANO – 1.79E

 The making

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