How to turn a Laptop Display into a Desk Monitor, and a look on the dark side.

I bought this module which allows a laptop display to be connected to a standard computer video board.
Euro 18.42 | 1600*900 LVDS 40Pin LCD monitor controller drive board Kit Fit LTN173KT01/LTN173KT02/LTN173KT03 matrix VGA AV notebook WLED

It’s worth doing only if you have a really good laptop screen that’s worth saving, and the laptop is dead, of course. It must be LED.
Because my desk space is rather limited, and I already have a 27′ jobby, I needed a small and a light monitor, to be used sporadically. I would have preferred a 15′ one, but this is what I had. A 17′ wide one. Good enough.
A new 15′ monitor is hard to came by, and, either new and used, they are more expensive than their 21′-24′ counterpart.

The whole construction came out just as I wanted, light, small and portable.
Sadly, my adaptor module has an issue, and the colours are not good at all.
I hope this is just a misfortune, not the rule, and now the manufacturer is trying to help me diagnose the problem.
The HDMI input didn’t work with a Display-Port to HDMI adaptor, only with a straight HDMI signal.

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