Monitoring and control over the web with 2 Arduino and Ethernet Shield, no computer needed

This project came from the necessity of monitoring a diesel generator, installed in a remote site, from a data center.
It is a rather unique project, because people are using the smart phone or the computer to talk to Arduino, but I don’t need another screen, that’s why I wanted to make two Arduino talk to each other over the local area network.

So what this project does, it takes the input pins of an Arduino (named Server), and replicate their status to another Arduino (the Client), activating the same pins as output. The transmission media is the local area network and they work independently, without the need for a computer, though you can monitor the web-page generated by the Server, by typing in its IP address. Also, the page has to be refreshed manually or with the help of a browser plug-in.
I used the Arduino Nano and the ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield, making the whole assembly very compact. The code for both the server and the client is very simple and self-explanatory. You just have to change the IP address according to your network.

Right now I only transfer 6 dry contacts in the digital status of A0 to A5 pins, but this can be extended with D3 to D9. The rest of the pins are taken. With more work, it is possible to transfer also analog values to PWM outputs, but not in this project.

The code can be found here

I’ll be posting soon the final integration of the project, from the Generator to the Alarm Panel. I’m still waiting for some components…


  1. Acest proiect arata multa creativitate si inovatie in utilizarea si implementarea tehnologiei. Imi place ca vei posta si integrarea finala a proiectului si sunt curios sa vad ce ai creat. Felicitari pentru munca realizata!

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