1. Hi, I’m a fan of your videos and I’m a Radio Amateur. Made to look for a tilt pan in Ali, from Cc. Can you give me the arduino schematic to adapt it to the antenna rotor. Thanks.

  2. Hi Racov,
    Thanks a lot for your advise.
    Let me first order one PTZ Scanner unit from China to start the project.

    Can you also please send me the source and list of other items to be ordered as per your latest version.

    Also the Arduin code with small changes as you have mentioned before.


  3. Dear Racov,

    Understand your concern,

    Please let me know the PTZ CCTV Rotator Motor type as 24V DC or 24V AC to be procured to convert into a Satellite anenna rotator. ?


    1. The DC motor is preferable, because you can take advantage of the variable speed.
      The AC motor is OK, but works at a fixed speed.

  4. Dear Racov,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    Do you mean to built as per your below link ?

    I dont have much experience in Arduino projects, can you make one controller with necessary changes for the below heavy duty PTZ rotator in the code and sell to me ?

  5. Hello.
    An antenna controller is a bit complicated stuff. You need to have some experience in electronics, if you want to make one.
    You’ll find all the information (electric diagram, Arduino code) in my related articles.
    I can help with explanations and some small changes in the code to suit your needs.
    If you want to buy one already available, a Google search can give all the results you need.

  6. Hi

    Thanks for your reply.
    Can you please suggest a controller that is avaiable off the sedf.
    If not readily availabile , can you please let me know the details to produce the same

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