A Keyboard Phone as a Second Phone – Nokia 220

I want to talk about a phone which is a little unusual these days. A feature phone or a button phone, a keyboard phone, or realistically speaking, a dumbphone.
It scarred me for life when I broke the screen of my beloved Samsung S8.
So because I have a rather active lifestyle, I came to the conclusion that a cheap, simple phone, to talk to, to carry around easily in my pocket, Is the way to go. I am not talking about a digital fasting, or even a gadget detox.

Just that when I go to the gym, or when I go to the parc with my dogs, I don’t need this features and I don’t want to be distracted by these capabilities, so a simple phone just to receive important calls, is enough for me. There is not the danger of damaging an expensive, almost a €1000, phone when you do a hard work. You can pick up this €50 phone and talk to it even if your hands are dirty, or if your hands are busy, and you accidentally drop it on the ground.
Not only it will not break, because it’s entirely made of plastic and it’s very light, it will function just as well scratched or broken, and your heart will not suffer for it, if you want to replace it.

Let’s be clear, I am talking about this phone’s performances in terms of making phone calls and receiving text messages. I’ve seen a lot of reviews laughing and joking about its features, but that’s just as mocking a bulldozer because it is not fast. They just missed the point entirely about this phone’s purpose.

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