A bigger and better awning for the front door

As I said, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing bigger.
The bigger the better 😀 .

The new awning meets the standard …

Here is the drawing I made for this project. Some features were thought over in details, but I’m sure there will inherently be some particularities that have to be dealt with during the work.

O copertină mai mare și mai bună pentru ușa de la intrare

Cum spuneam, dacă ceva merită făcut, atunci merită făcut mai mare.
Mai mare e mai bun 😀 .

Noua copertină respectă standardul…

Iată desenul pe care l-am făcut pentru acest proiect. Unele caracteristici au fost gândite în detaliu, dar sunt sigur că vor exista în mod inerent unele particularități care trebuie rezolvate în timpul lucrului.


  1. Please can you explain why the drawing you provide is different to the drawing used by yourself in the video? Perhaps the complete drawing might help us amateurs

    1. Hello Mick.
      This is the same and only drawing I made. I don’t have anything else.
      I know it is not complete. I tried to cover the tricky parts. The other details I figured out doing the work.

  2. But if i look at the drawing in your video, not the drawing shown at the beginning and the wood used there is no sign of 60×60 supports! I notice you have also drawn the angles in your working drawin

    1. You are right, the drawing is incorrect regarding the wood thickness. I only realise this now.
      I guess this was the initial plan.
      In the end, all the wood I used was 2×4″ or 45x95mm, because this was all there was on stock at the hardware store at that point.
      The overall dimensions are correct, and the small detail with a lot of angles is also correct with the 45x95mm.
      If there are other details you are interested in, please let me know.

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